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Highlights of Our Time in Italy

IMG_20160515_110700268_HDRAhhhh, Italia. The romance, the history, the wine, the culture….the FOOD! Italy had been on our must see list for some time. And now that we’ve been, we can safely say that no trip to Europe would be complete without a visit.

There were so many cities to see that we became a little overwhelmed when trying to make our travel plans. We knew we wanted to take it slow though so we could soak it all in. Little did we know that a slower pace is not an option in Italy; it is a way of life. Continue reading

When Will Your Independence Day Be?

americanflagHappy 4th of July everybody! We hope you’ve been having an amazing 4th of July weekend and are staying safe 🙂

We were asked to create a guest post for a new personal development site, Nerd Hill Media. We’re honored to participate and  look forward to following their growth. Our post is When Will Your Independence Day Be?  and you can read it right now.

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The Simple Path to Wealth

SPW cover finalWhen given the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of JL Collins’ The Simple Path to Wealth, I was quick to act and happy to receive the opportunity. If you’ve been following the blog you’re aware of Jim’s stock series. If you haven’t, Jim has created quite the following by providing no-nonsense financial advice.

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Algarve Portugal – Our Expenses

IMG_20160509_144446711When the idea of retiring earlier than we expected by going abroad first came to our minds, we never thought that a place in Europe would be a possibility. For starters, we thought it surely wouldn’t be affordable. In addition, it couldn’t have the type of climate we were desiring. It’s Europe, after all. Doesn’t it rain all of the time? However, once we heard of Portugal’s sunny Algarve region, we knew we needed to check it out. Neither of us had ever been to Europe before, but we had always felt drawn to it. We had images in our heads of quaint villages, fresh food and leisurely days. Portugal was all of this and more.

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Vanguard: Mutual Funds or ETFs, Which is Better?

In Part 3, of our How to Retire Early series, we suggested investing in mutual funds or ETFs. While it’s great to have options, we wouldn’t want anyone to delay investing for their retirement because they weren’t sure which investment to pick. Thinking about clarifying this subject for readers intrigued me, and made me want to investigate my own decision to invest in mutual funds. We don’t currently have any ETFs in our investment portfolio because I originally chose to go with Vanguard mutual funds instead of ETFs. Why did I pick mutual funds over ETFs? To be honest, I wasn’t really sure anymore. Years back, I did some research on mutual funds after I had seen them recommended on personal finance blogs several times. They’re clearly a good choice, but were they better than ETFs? Why were the mutual funds being touted as great and ETFs just being mentioned as the other option?

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